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Effective Options for Your Child’s Condition

What Is Myopia?

Myopia is the inability to see objects from far away. This is also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness. Myopia occurs when the eye grows too long from the front to back and causes the light to focus before it reaches the retina as opposed to directly on it. This is the most common vision issue and usually begins developing during childhood. Symptoms of Myopia include headaches, fatigue, eyestrain, and squinting. If you suspect your child may have Myopia, contact us for effective Myopia management in Woodbridge, VA.

Risks of Myopia

Myopia can affect your child’s vision and increases their risk of developing certain eye diseases including retinopathy and Glaucoma. There has been an influx of Myopia symptoms in recent years. Researchers believe it is due to the increased amount of screen time.

Myopia can progress very quickly if not managed properly. Early detection, intervention, and treatment can help slow down and, in some cases, stop the progression of Myopia.

Currently, there is no cure for Myopia.

Myopia Treatment Options

Typically, glasses and/or contact lenses are worn to correct the amount of Myopia a patient has at the time of the exam. This short-term option is great for the patient’s current prescription but does not help with the detrition that will occur over the year until the next annual visit.

Our Doctors also offer three alternative options:

–          Overnight contact lenses – These are custom-made contact lenses that are worn while the child sleeps. During the night the lens is gently reshaping the front surface of the eye so once the lens is removed in the morning the patient can see clearly and continue with normal daytime activities. The lenses must be worn every night.

–          Daytime Soft Contact Lenses – FDA-approved lenses called MiSight are soft lenses worn during the day much like traditional contact lenses, however, the unique optical design reduces the progression of Myopia. It is important that these are worn within the doctor’s specific guidelines.

–          Prescription Eye drops or Atropine Therapy – This is a personalized treatment plan for younger patients who may not be ready for contact lenses. Eye drops are put in the eyes before bedtime. Glasses and/or contact lenses will still be required during the day, but the drops at night will slow down the progression of Myopia.

Next Steps

You may still have questions or may not be sure which option will be best for your child.

Only you, the parents and our board-certified doctors can determine which treatment plan is best for your child. We will work together to get to know your child and their eyes before personalizing a plan.

Fill out the information below and our Myopia Consultant will reach out to you!

Myopia Management

Easy Ways To Get Started

If you want to learn more about our optometrist practice - where we offer the area's most convenient hours, where we offer a variety of generous payment options, and where your and your child's healthy vision is our top priority - Visual Health Doctors of Optometry is here to serve you!

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Outstanding - not only is the standard service for eye exams, contact lenses etc better than at many places I've been, the doctor also spotted what turned out to be a serious neurological condition - thanks to her I got to a specialist very quickly! Plus which the staff are all so friendly and helpful, it's really a pleasure to go there.- Clare G. best-ashburn-arlington-woodbrifge-fairfax-springfield-vienna-va-optometry
I had an eye examination for contact lenses done there and ordered several months supply of contacts and the the experience was well worth it. The doctor was very knowledgeable and the examination was thorough. The staff was very professional and helpful and I would not hesitate to return for my eye care needs.- MJ
I went in for a contact lens exam. The optometrist was great. Very knowledgeable. Took the time to educate me on visual acuity. Was a great resource from a Physician's standpoint. I was leaving for a trip to Costa Rica the following day and was give 10 days worth of contact lens to try. Will return next week to let him know things worked out well and will try another brand of lens!- Naheed M. best-ashburn-arlington-woodbrifge-fairfax-springfield-vienna-va-optometry
Excellent and attentive! I waited for all of five minutes after showing up early to my appointment, and everyone who worked there gave very thorough and detailed explanations of what tests were happening, why, and what the costs were. I've never had such a positive experience at an eye provider. I would highly recommend them!- Melanie F. best-ashburn-arlington-woodbrifge-fairfax-springfield-vienna-va-optometry
"Excellent doctor's office. Everyone is polite and whether you're speaking with the doctor or selecting new frames, you can take your time and they will help you make the best decision for you. They do not try to sell you expensive items you don't need - which happened to me at one of the chain optometrists in the area. Definitely recommend."- Brookes C. best-ashburn-arlington-woodbrifge-fairfax-springfield-vienna-va-optometry
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